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How to change the Friendly Name on a certificate -Windows

I ran into the situation where someone created and applied a certificate in IIS and the friendlyName was wrong. During automatic deployments of the software, they would call into the cert store and select the certificate to use for their 443 bindings based on the friendly name. The certificate was named wrong and wouldn’t get applied during deployment or it would apply the wrong one.

Here is how to fix this using PowerShell without re-issuing the certificate.

Open up PowerShell with administrative rights and change your location to the certificate store.

We will change the certificate with the thumbprint named wrong_internal_wildcard to right_internal_wildcard

In the above example, I have done the following:

    1. Opened Powershell


    1. Set-Location to the certificate store by typing Set-Location cert:


    1. Listed out the certs by typing Get-ChildItem


    1. Located the cert I wanted to change the friendly name of


    1. Put that cert in a variable so I could view it’s properties


    1. Verified that the cert is the right one by typing $cert.friendlyname


    1. Then changed the friendlyname by typing $cert.FriendlyName = “right_internal_wildcard”


    lastly, I verifed the cert friendlyname by typing $cert.FriendlyName